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The perfect combo

With the crazy amount of boutique burger joints in Melbourne nowadays, it is often hard to find somewhere that does your typical American style, heart attack inducing burger but manages to make you sit up and pay attention.

Grand Trailer Park Taverna has achieved this feat.KSA-burger

Yes, there is nothing totally out of this world different about anything on the menu or at the venue. But what they have managed to do is nail absolutely everything they offer. Sometimes, less is more and in this case simple, yet indulgent burgers, a short list of sides and a damn good drinks list get the job done.

Speaking of the drinks, a kinder and Nutella milkshake spiked with Frangelico and Baileys? What a take on the classic burger and shake combo. If that doesn’t get you excited then there may just be something wrong….

The burger list has something for everyone, from those who like a more traditional meat, cheese, salad and sauce combo, right through to meatlovers with double patties, double bacon, double cheese and more!

Every component of the KSA Burger was delicious, from the juicy, pink patty to the melted orange cheese. Topped with crisp and fresh salad and tangy, yet fairly standard, burger sauce, this is a true winner. The seeded bun wasn’t too sweet, although perhaps could have been slightly fresher, if we were to nitpick.

For a genuinely great burger right in the CBD of Melbourne, you want to head to Grand Trailer Park Taverna.

87 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000
(03) 9972 3699

The Grand Trailer Park Taverna Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

An Aussie burger with a USA twist

If you haven’t been to The London Tavern for awhile, you may be pleasantly surprised by the most recent menu.

While the food has always been solid at The London, the beef burger on the current menu is a real winner. The perfect combination of a classic Aussie burger and the in-vogue American version we have seen so much of lately, this is a burger to enjoy for lunch, dinner or anywhere in between.


Gooey orange cheddar and a seeded brioche bun, with thin cut, crunchy fries give a big nod to the star spangled banner, but the shredded iceburg lettuce and slabs of effervescent beetroot are as Aussie as a federal leadership spill.

The patty is juicy, tender and flavoursome, which combined with the gooey cheese and fresh salad makes for a delicious mouthful. The sauces are basic but get the job done.

This burger is fresh, of quality and an honest feed. Next time the footy is on, it is definitely worth heading to the London for a pint, burger and raucous good time in their massive beer garden.

238 Lennox St,
Richmond VIC 3121

(03) 9428 6894

London Tavern Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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The Hungerbeater

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The Hungerbeater burger at the Silverleaves Store and Cafe at Phillip Island is the stuff of hungover legends.

For many years I had heard much about this legendary beast of a burger, and must admit, all I was expecting was a huge feed without much quality. However, while the burger was in some ways predictable, in other ways I was pleasantly surprised.

To get the negatives out of the way early, the bun was a processed, mass produced, white roll. Something like a dense sourdough would have really made this burger sing.IMG_2526

However, the patty was a lovely surprise. Well seasoned, flavoursome, a decent thickness and cooked to a juicy pink, I was very pleased to go back for bite after bite.

The caramelised onions were also a nice touch. While normally I won’t waste my time on a burger without pickles (and don’t get me wrong, they still would have been a nice addition to this meal) the rich onions almost filled the void.

The tinned beetroot, pineapple, sliced tomato and shredded lettuce was nondescript and the supermarket tomato sauce was expected.

The cheese was neither here nor there. It was noticeable but not overpowering and it was perfectly melted, so from that perspective it was a win.

And the egg was cooked perfectly! Soft and runny, it was complimented by the crunchy lashings of bacon.

So if you want a big, Aussie style burger without pretension, then The Hungerbeater has got you covered. The accompanying chips were also on point- salty, golden and crunchy.

1 Honeysuckle Grove,
Silverleaves, VIC, 3922

Silverleaves Cafe and Store on Urbanspoon

Bringing burgers to the ‘burbs

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The Morley Boys, as part of Three Wild Ducks, are bringing boutique burgers to the ‘burbs!

While a few years ago, the only places you would find a decent hamburger outside of the city would have been the local fish ‘n chip shop, a pub or a McDonalds, The Morley Boys have opened a chic burger bar in sleepy Mt Eliza on the Mornington Peninsula.

The Hang Ten burger

The Hang Ten burger

Boutique, American style burgers have been all the rage for quite a few years now in the city, with more burger joints springing up than you can poke a stick at and with no signs of this trend slowing down, it seems only fitting that those outside the city should get in on the action too.

So, the idea and concept is a brilliant one… what about the burgers?

While the venue seems to be being well received by the locals, sadly, there is some work to do. Let’s start with the positives of the Hang Ten burger I ordered.

The seeded buttermilk buns were fresh, sturdy, but not too dense and held even the gargantuan Horse burger together (double meat, double cheese, double bacon!)

The salad was all fresh and crisp and the ratios were spot on. The pickles were a particular stand out, thickly cut, vinegary and perfectly tart.

It was the beef patty that was the real problem. So dry and overcooked, you could have almost snapped it in half, if it was well seasoned you wouldn’t have known and the texture was stodgy and unpleasant.

The Horse burger

The Horse burger- what a mouthful!

The cheese was very creamy and salty. It hit the American burger chord perfectly, but for me was a little bit overpowering. The overall burger was so salty it was difficult to finish it and that is coming from a fan of salt!

One really novel idea was the sweet potato cakes on offer. They were deliciously crisp and such a nice change to a normal potato cake.. Although the batter could have been slightly thinner and lighter.

With a few easy improvements, this could be one helluva burger place. And with little to no competition, I think The Morley Boys will do well regardless.

34 Mt Eliza Way,
Mt Eliza, 3930

Three Wild Ducks on Urbanspoon

An exotic mouthful

Once upon a time, True South in Black Rock was equipped with its own microbrewery onsite.

As of mid last year the brewery has been moved to Torquay, so the restaurant could be the star of the show. When the restaurant started in 2009, the food menu was completely different to the Argentinean tapas on offer now.

This transition was instigated in 2010 by a new Argentinean head chef and since then, some of the beers have also changed to match the new delicacies he introduced.True South sliders

The Brioche de Ternera (Beef Brisket Slider) with Pickled Onion and Chili Mayo is a perfect little entree to share (or if you order a few serves a pretty decent meal!)

Gorgeous little golden brioche buns that are the perfect combination of buttery, sweet and savoury, encase some of the most tender, stringy beef brisket you will have ever had the pleasure of eating.

The brisket is slow cooked in all sorts of rich and meaty flavours, which somehow get trapped in the moist beef.

The richness of the meat is balanced deliciously with the sharp flavour of the onion and the slight heat of the creamy chili mayo.

If you ever want a lesson in the optimum balance of soft, fluffy, tender, crunchy, sweet, savoury, rich, tangy and creamy in a mouthful then look no further!

All in all, everything you could ever want in a slider is delivered in one! And you should definitely wash them down with a cold, house made beer.

298 Beach Rd
Black Rock VIC 3193

True South on Urbanspoon

How to make the perfect burger

They were the hottest things to hit the streets in 2012. And 2013. Last year, too.

And our love affair with the burger shows no sign of slowing this year — and why would it?

The elegant simplicity of a well-made burger remains a thing of beauty and deserves to be celebrated.

Add condiments on the top of the bun.

how to make your own burger

But while the cool kids queue for the latest hot spot serving up their hip take on the classic, the beauty of the burger is that it’s just as easy to whip up at home.

It’s a meal guaranteed to get every member of the family smiling — especially the cook, for summer is the time of the quick-fix dinner and burgers are flag-waving paid-up members of that club.

Granted, it’s doubtful “I must eat more burgers this year” featured on many resolution lists on Jan 1, but they can be surprisingly healthy — especially when making them at home.

The best burgers offer a combination of tastes and textures — sweet, sour, salt — with a bit of crunch. The patty needs to be juicy, the bun soft but sturdy, and you want the meat/bun/accompaniment ratio to be even from first to last bite.

Then you can add to your heart’s content. Lettuce, tomato and onion are favourites to feature, and while pickles can be more controversial, the best burgers all benefit from the sweet tangy zing they bring.

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