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Helping a brother out

My long awaited visit to Brother Burger and the Marvellous Brew did not disappoint.



With an extensive 100 per cent Wagyu beef burger menu, plus options for those who prefer chicken, pork, vegetarian and more, it will take you awhile to decide what to order.

I finally concluded I would keep it simple and go the plain burger which consisted of a juicy Wagyu beef patty, lettuce, house-made pickles, mustard mayo, and ketchup.

The patty was perfectly charred and black on the outside with a pink and succulent medium rare centre.

The pickles almost stole the show, thick cut and visible as soon as the plate hit the table.

The crunch and bitey flavour did exactly what it was meant to do- it created a lovely contrast with the creamy yet punchy house-made mustard mayo, which, by the way, was the best thing inside the bun.

It seemed the chef also recognised this as there was no shortage of mayo and it was positively oozing out from every angle of the burger.

My fellow burger munchers were more adventurous than me and decided to order the oh brother burger, which was packed to the rafters with two Wagyu beef patties, double cheese, jalapeños, lettuce, American mustard, ketchup and pickled onion.

The hot one

The hot one

While they couldn’t fault the flavour of any of the elements, multiple serviettes were needed throughout the course of consumption and even then the juice and very generous dollops of the sauces meant your wrists and beyond were covered in drips.

There are plenty of sides to choose from but all we could fit in were the fries, which were as they should be. Well salted, golden and accompanied by aioli and tomato sauce.

There is plenty to rush back for at Brother Burger and I plan to do so very soon.

413 Brunswick St 
Fitzroy, VIC 3065


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