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Who knew burgers had balls?

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And… we are back! After a short, unavoidable hiatus I am back eating burgers with enthusiasm levels that would rival Eddie McGuire at the zoo.

Babu barburger with balls is an establishment on Chapel Street that I had been to once many months ago, before the days of this blog.

So I felt as though I needed to revisit it and pay close attention to the food before writing about it.

Babu burger minus the balls...

Babu burger minus the balls…

The process of ordering a burger here is very much step-by-step, like building your own sandwich at Subway. You pick the size patty you want (as it was lunchtime I went for the smallest, 150g beef patty, which was plenty) and choose the way it is cooked. There are also chicken and veggie patty options for those who prefer it that way.

The patty was quite bizarre. It was pink and juicy and quite thick. There was no gristle or fat as far as I could see. Yet, it had a very strange texture- almost like gelatine. While the flavour was fine, I found the consistency quite unpleasant.

The list of extra ingredients and sauces you could include in your burger was exhaustive! Bacon, avocado, caramelised onion, cheeses you get the idea… however, as all the burgers come with salad, I chose to stay basic and only add tasty cheese so that I could really taste the patty.

The bun was a good thickness and had a nice colour on top, but the bottom of it was charcoal black… not sure that was meant to happen. All was forgiven though because the waitress was so friendly and attentive.

The chips were very average, pale and slightly soggy with minimal salt. The Babu ‘balls’ are an alternative side- a variety of different flavoured meatballs with a choice of sauces, however there was enough meat in the burger without ordering a side of meat. Babu market themselves as “burgers with balls,” but I must admit, while they get points for individuality the concept is somewhat lost on me.

With plenty of local beers, ciders and more you will not be left thirsty so jump on a tram rather than drive.

Although to be honest, there is a Grill’d opposite or Jus Burgers just up the road, so I would be inclined just to skip Babu entirely…

156 Chapel St,
Windsor, 3181, VIC.
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  1. I thought it might have been a burger made of donkey balls or something – aka ElBurro but meat with meat on the side….in your boat

  2. Horrible review. Firstly the paddy is made from minced steak not regular beef. Which is why you found the texture to be strange. The chips are air fried (no oil) meaning they are reasonably healthy hence the non greasy flavour. I suggest before you write a review do some homework on what you’re eating.

    • Hi Alex, thanks for reading. I didn’t actually specify that the patty WASN’T minced steak (I did know this as it is very clearly stated on the menu) but my point was not that the type of meat used was bad, just I personally did not enjoy the texture of it.

      I was also aware that the chips were air fried (as again they did tell you this on the menu when you ordered), but personally since they were not very nice I did not think the cooking method was particularly relevant, I was merely telling my readers that I wouldn’t bother ordering them as you can get such nice chips elsewhere. I would rather have no chips than healthy chips that don’t taste very good, but hey, that is just my opinion and totally understand if you disagree! 🙂


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