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Do you like a classy burger?

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You expect something special when heading to Neil Perry’s Rockpool Bar and Grill for a burger.

You are welcomed to the classy establishment by the concierge and immediately offered drinks. While wine and champagne are quite pricy, a boutique beer is not ridiculous and the cocktails are standard sort of Melbourne bar prices.

The Italian Sour no. 3 cocktail was something very different to anything I had tried before. If sugar and spice is your thing then give this one a miss. It was bitter but very refreshing and nice and light with a burger.

The trademark wagyu burger

The trademark wagyu burger

There are two choices for burgers at Rockpool- the famous wagyu or the mishima.

The waiter described the difference in the patties as “the wagyu would melt and have a richer, more meaty flavour, whereas the mishima is more textured”.

Personally, I actually preferred the taste and texture of the mishima- and that is coming from someone who likes their meat tender!

Both patties were very lean, quite thick and cooked medium, but as discussed previously the wagyu had a rather strange “roast dinner” flavour, whereas the mishima tasted like a genuine burger patty, although a very well made one.

Patties aside, the burgers were identical and both delicious.

The seasoned tomato slices and lettuce came out on the side of the burger, allowing you to add as much or as little as you liked (personally I stuffed it all in, if you are going to pay $22- $24 bucks for a stand alone burger I want value for money people!)

The bacon was perfectly crunchy without being singed and fatty enough that it was delicious but not chewy.

You knew you were eating a high-class burger, purely based on the amount of Gruyere cheese inside.

While some greasy burgers will have cheese dripping all the way down your wrists, this one had a small amount and a subtle flavour.

Personally, I would prefer to strike a happy cheese medium.

The trademark tomato and chilli jam is not spicy, merely full of zingy flavour. The chefs had shown restraint by putting just enough, but not too much in.

The pickles were quite strange. They were very crunchy but seemed more like raw, shaved cucumber or zucchini than a real pickle.

They didn’t ruin the burger in any way but for someone who is a big fan of a pickle, they didn’t add much either.

The dark horse of the night- the mishima burger

The dark horse of the night- the mishima burger

Unless you’re looking for a really special night out, don’t bother making a reservation because you can order at the wine bar, which eliminates the fuss.

It is the perfect place to go if you are craving a burger, but want to dine somewhere with more ambiance than Bourke Street Maccas.

Crown Complex
Southbank VIC 3006

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  1. Looks like arse on a bun….

  2. Damn you for posting all these amazing burgers foyst, I’m meant to be on a diet and all I can think about is burgers. Great read though!


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