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The wagyu beef burger at the Richmond Club Hotel is pretty much a ho-hum pub burger that could use some improvements.

The thick, crusty bun is nice and solid, which is necessary when trying to keep the rest of the burger together.

I don’t know about all of you but I am not the most graceful eater at the best of times, which is why the patty is the big downfall of this burger. Through recent experience it seems like wagyu beef, while delicious as a cut of meat, might not be the best choice for a burger patty.

Richmond club

Wagyu beef burger and chips

This one had a rather strange flavour, in that it was far too rich and bordered on sweet. Worse than that, it completely fell apart, making the burger incredibly difficult to eat for the less skilled of us.

Aside from this, the burger was not memorable in a good or bad way. There was a good amount of salad and cheese. The caramelised onions were decent, but not amazing.

The aioli and relish both had really nice flavours and worked together well. The creaminess of the aioli balanced well with the sharp, aromatic tomato relish.

The chips were stock standard pub chips. Fluffy on the inside and reasonably crunchy on the outside. They would not win accolades, nor incur complaints.

There is not much more to say about this meal. All the ingredients were fresh and well prepared. If you had a burger craving and this was the only pub open then it is an inoffensive meal.

But considering it will set you back $19.95 you would be so much better off zipping next door to the Beer and Burger Lounge for a cheaper and better feed.

100 Swan St  
Richmond VIC 3121

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  1. hey good post.
    Can we suggest a few more places to visit such as Melbourne Public, Lion Hotel, Duke of Kent etc?


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