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A burger bigger than Ben Hur

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You should definitely only tackle Jus Burgers on an extremely empty stomach.

The burgers are simply massive and a meal deal does not just involve fries and coke.

Not long after Jus Burgers opened in South Yarra in June last year, I was eagerly stalking their tantalising Facebook photos and begging anyone who would listen to go with me to have a meal there.

Finally, after months of anticipation, I jumped on a tram and made my way down Chapel Street to finally try one of these glorious burgers.

Considering how much I had built Jus Burgers up in my head, it is amazing that I wasn’t disappointed. I went for the cheeseburger and immediately fell in love with the charred, sourdough bun encasing the juicy beef patty.

The house made aioli and relish dripped out of the burger and I must admit, I got so flustered about keeping all the deliciousness inside that I put my burger down and ate it with my knife and fork (I feel like this is burger blasphemy!) However, this was more due to poor eating skills on my part, rather that a badly put together burger.

jus burger

The Pommy Burger. Source:

The Pommy Burger is what people seem to keep going back for, very similar to the cheeseburger but throw some back bacon in there for a far more complex, but better balanced overall flavour. It adds almost the perfect amount of salt and rich fat into the mix, so I can see why it is a crowd favourite.

For those hipsters out there that like something just a little different, I suggest you try the Roo burger. 100% Victorian marsupial, which is grilled into a neat little patty and smothered in horseradish slaw & goan cuisine green chilli jam.

Despite the kick from the horseradish, the flavours are a lot subtler than that of your beef burgers and all quietly compliment each other.

There are multiple vego options, such as a chickpea or pumpkin patties but I won’t bother going into them in great detail (I mean really, how much of this blog’s demographic would be vegetarian… cue onslaught of abusive comments from vego readers…)

As aforementioned, a standard meal deal at Jus is a lot fancier than what Ronald is offering us over at the golden arches. It consists of any burger, with chips or salad, green tomato pickle & slaw.

You could definitely take or leave the slaw, having a very bitter taste mixed with an unpleasant level of creaminess, but it is nice to have the option of the pickle as a dipping sauce for your chips or to smear inside your burger.

With one of the biggest ranges of burger varieties I have ever seen, this place is definitely worth a look in. As cliché as it may sound, there actually is something for everyone.

364 Chapel St  
South Yarra VIC 3141

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