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I challenge thee, Good Food Guide.

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So, I was a bit sceptical about reviewing The Post Office Hotel in Coburg…

The Age Good Food Guide named it “a clear winner” as the best burger in Melbourne for 2013… and who am I to argue with that?

But then I figured The Age’s criteria for what makes an amazing burger might not quite be the same as mine. So while I fully respect their opinion, I have to respectfully say that for me, this was not actually the best burger in Melbourne- but a very good one.

As we sat in Coburg on a blustery Melbourne afternoon, one of my faithful burger co-consumers commented, “this may not be the best burger I have ever eaten, but it is very high quality, with high quality ingredients.”

To start with, the toasted brioche bun was perfectly symmetrical. Thick enough that it was a good solid case around all the fillings.


The pink, beetroot relish dripping out the side was the first thing to catch my eye.

The wagyu beef patty didn’t really even taste like a burger patty. More like a nice steak, or roast dinner in the shape of a pattie. There was the taste of having a good home cooked meal at your grandparents’ house in this burger.

The beetroot relish added a vibrant splash of bright pink, which looked appealing, but didn’t add a lot to the flavour. While all the flavours were subtle, at times it was bordering on bland compared to the big, punchy flavours you often associate with a burger.

To this end, the cheese was very sparse, perhaps an attempt to maintain the classy feel of the burger, so gruyere did not drip down your wrists as you ate.

The saving grace in the flavour department was the caramelised onions. They were delicious and rich, yet still packed that onion zing you want.

If it were not for the crunchy shoestring fries accompanying it, you would almost feel as though you had eaten something healthy. There was no grease and a strange cleanness about the meal.

You could not really fault it in any way. It looked good and was made with exceptional care and ingredients. But the home-style, high-class flavour was not what I would necessarily want when I go out for a burger.

231 Sydney Rd  
Coburg VIC 3058

The Post Office Hotel on Urbanspoon


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